Updated on 10/10/2018
True Control Center Installation Guide
Create a Boot Image for Commence
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Create a Boot Image for Commence 

The next part of the installation process is to create a custom OSD boot image for Commence to use.

InformationA custom boot image needs to be created for each platform that you plan to deploy. For example, if you plan to deploy to both x86 and x64 computers, you need to create and customize two custom Commence boot images; one for x86 computers and the other for x64. 

To create a custom boot image for Commence:

  1. Start the Configuration Manager Console if it is not already started.
  2. Click the Software Library workspace.

  1. Navigate to Overview | Operating Systems | Boot Images

  1. On the Ribbon, click Add Boot Image which will start the Add Boot Image Wizard

  1. On the Data Source page, click Browse beside the Path field.


  1. Browse to the network location containing the WIM file you want to use for the boot image.
InformationThe path entered must be UNC path and not a local file path.

If you don’t have access to your own boot image, you can use the default boot images that ship with ConfigMgr as a template by browsing to the relevant <platform> folder (i386 or x64), in the following folder and selecting the boot.wim:


    1. Click Next

    1. On the General page, in the Name field enter a unique name for the boot image such as Commence Boot Image (x64) then click Next (the Comment field is optional).

    1. On the Summary page, verify all of the details and if everything is correct click Next

    The Progress page will be displayed while the boot image is created.

    InformationDepending on how busy your site server is, it could take several minutes for ConfigMgr to add the new boot image. 

    1. On the Completion page, click Close once the boot image has been added successfully.

    The new boot image will be displayed in the ConfigMgr console.

    InformationLeave the ConfigMgr console open as it is required in the next section.  

    Now you have created a Boot Image for Commence, the next stage of the process is to customize it.