Updated on 10/10/2018
True Control Center Installation Guide
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Control Center v3.1.1 (3.1.0) Release Notes



Information There was an issue with upgrading to 3.1.0 in some customer environments.  We released 3.1.1 to resolve this issue and as a result all upgrades from 3.0.6 should be to 3.1.1.  If you upgraded to 3.1.0 and had issues please contact support@cireson.com.  If you did not experience issues with upgrading to 3.1.0 you are stable and there is no need to upgrade to 3.1.1.  Sorry for any issues this may have caused.  Thanks!


New User Management features implemented, accessible from the users view context menu.
New deployment grids in the User Management, and Device Management flyouts. You can now see deployment status for the target device.
Flyouts can now be stacked, and quickly flipped between using the stack switcher.
Active Directory integration has been improved and now you can see a users AD properties in the User Management summary tab.
Active Directory groups, discovered through CM Group Discovery, are now shown for the user in the User Management flyout.
Device processes now show the memory and CPU utilization of each process after pulling client data.
Version information is now available in the bottom left above the Cireson logo so that you can easily tell us how much you love each version.


Problem IDTitle
-Grid filtering the Device Management tabs has been fixed. You can now filter and sort (correctly) to your heart's content.
-You had to be a sharpshooter to click the proper portion of the Device Management 'pull' button, now even your grandma could hit it. (no offense to your grandma...)
-There was an issue with Local actions in Device Management, not passing the proper path to the App Launcher. We've provided counseling and their communication is now much improved.
-Resolved a few notification issues in the Device Management view, so they are a bit friendlier now when they talk back to you.
-Fixed an issue where you were adding a new security group, and AD groups weren't invited to dropdowns party. We've made sure they feel included now.
-Some analysts were able to access the Device Management view for computers that weren't in their scope. This has been resolved across the board.