Updated on 10/10/2018
True Control Center Installation Guide
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Control Center v3.0.0 Release Notes




Information  Items below marked with an asterisk (*) require the Cireson App Launcher.

Remote Manage Actions Run powershell on the remote client

Remote Desktop Integration*

Remote Control Integraiton*

Open Client Log Folder*

Open Client C$ Share* 

Reboot and Shutdown Client

Initiate Client Update Cycles

Uninstall and Repair Configuration Manager Client

WMI Verify, Repair, and Reset

Client Policy Update Actions
View Available Updates
View configuration manager available and required updates

View and install client available and required updates
View installed software tracked by Configuration Manager

View installed software reported directly from the client

Repair and Uninstall software
View hardware summary information

View installed printers

View network adapter details
Client Processes and Services
View process and services running on the client

Start and stop services

Stop running processes
Client Collections
View client collection membership

Add and remove client from collections with direct membership
Logs Logs actions performed via Remote Manage actions for audit purposes