Updated on 3/22/2019
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Setting the popularity index on a request offering
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Currently, the only way to set the popularity of a Request Offering is changing the data in the database directly. Below is the information needed in order to accomplish this as well as what effect it has to the end user.

What the popularity index does

Setting the popularity index will impact what the user sees on the home page of the Portal. Listed under Top Requests you will see Request offerings sorted by popularity. The lower the number the higher the popularity. So if you have 5 Request Offerings and you set the popularity to 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 they will be listed starting with the Request Offering that is set to 10 and ending with the Request Offering that is set to 50.

How to update the popularity index

You will need access to the database the Portal is running on. The target information is

  • Database: ServiceManagement (unless changed from default)
  • Table: RequestOffering
  • Column: Popularity
  • DataType: Integer (nulls allowed)

Open a new query window in SQL Management Studio. Make sure the target database is correct. Adjust the query below to contain the proper where clause for your filtering.

UPDATE [dbo].[RequestOffering] SET [Popularity] = {{POPULARITY}} WHERE {{CRITERIA}}

Example 1: Setting popularity using ID as the selection criteria -

UPDATE [dbo].[RequestOffering] SET [Popularity] = 42 WHERE ID = 'C90D9ABC-E71D-8A34- EAE7-20E63F278C47'

Example 2: Setting popularity using Title as the selection criteria -

UPDATE [dbo].[RequestOffering] SET [Popularity] = 42 WHERE [Title] = 'Generic Incident Request'