Updated on 3/22/2019
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Re-syncing data from Service Manager to the Portal
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Sometimes for troubleshooting, it is recommended to re-sync data with the Cache Builder from SCSM to the Cireson ServiceManagement Database, please follow the steps below:

  • Stop the cachebuilder service
  • Run this SQL query against ServiceManagement: TRUNCATE TABLE LastModified
  • Start the cachebuilder service
The Cache Builder performs updates based on timestamps found in the LastModified table. Simply put the Cache Builder re-syncs a delta of information that it needs.
Keep in mind that this won't remove data that isn't present in Service Manager, you may need to manually remove this data with one of the following methods 

Completely Re-sync your Enumerations (list values)

In order to completely delete all enumerations brought in by the cache and force a refresh, run this against your ServiceManagement db:

DELETE DisplayString WHERE ElementID IN (SELECT EnumerationID FROM Enumeration WHERE CreatedBy = 'c6745a66-5ccc-4fbc-b1d8-ab9797cdea2d');
DELETE Enumeration WHERE CreatedBy = 'c6745a66-5ccc-4fbc-b1d8-ab9797cdea2d';

Then restart the cachebuilder.

Warning    Important: If you've disabled any enumerations, they may be re-enabled as a result as a result of running these procedures.

Completely Re-sync your Service Offerings and Request Offerings

In order to completely re-sync your Service Offerings and Request Offerings, run this against your ServiceManagement db:

TRUNCATE TABLE ServiceOffering;
TRUNCATE TABLE RequestOffering;

Then restart the cachebuilder.  If you are truncating these tables to ensure that your Service Offerings and Request Offerings update, you may also need to recycle the application pool and restart the website in IIS. 

Important: This will remove the popularity settings from Request Offerings.
Important: This will temporarily remove all Service and Request Offerings from the portal until the Cache Builder rebuilds them.

How to Remove Work Items that have been Deleted from ServiceManager via PowerShell

If you have removed work items from the Service Manager database (either using Powershell or other method) they may still appear in the Cireson Portal. Use either of the following scripts to fix this issue.

Option 1: Selectively delete work items from the cache. Replace IR123 with the WorkItemId of the work item you wish to remove.

DELETE WorkItem WHERE WorkItemId = 'IR123'

Option 2: Probably the easiest to remove all at once.


Then restart the Cache Builder.

A user has been changed or removed from Service Manager or AD, but they are still appearing in the portal. What do I do? 

First stop the Cache Builder service and then run the following commands against the ServiceManagement DB:


Then restart the CacheBuilder service.

Warning    Important: This will prevent access for a short time until the Cache Builder has been completely restarted.