Updated on 3/22/2019
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Installing on a server without Internet Access
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A video walk-through of the process is available here.

Installing the latest version of the Cireson Portal on a server without internet access can be achieved following these steps:

  1. On your local computer that has Internet Access go to the Cireson Software Downloads page: http://downloads.cireson.com
  2. Locate Cireson Portal for Service Manager and click the Install button for your required version
  3. In the case of using Internet Explorer the Setup Application Installation will begin automatically. It may ask you to allow the app to make changes on your computer, click ‘Yes’ 
    In the case of using another browser you may be prompted to save the Application Manifest file:

Once saved open the file on your local computer and select Install:

Portal installation does not occur after clicking 'Install'. This will simply download the files to your machine. 

Once the Setup Application Installation completes and you arrive at the Portal Installer Welcome Screen.

  1. Click the "Browse installer files" link in the lower right corner of the window
  2. This will bring you to a local file folder, copy the entire folder contents including all subfolders and place it on the server you wish to install to. At this point you can close/cancel the Portal Installer.
  3. Once the files are copied over log into the server and move to the folder where you saved the installation files and double-click the Cireson Setup.exe to begin your installation.

The installation process from this point is the same as described in this article: Running the Installation