Updated on 3/22/2019
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Configuring Application Initialization
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One thing you can do to minimize the performance impact of the application start event and the process of loading cache data from ServiceManagement into the web site memory cache is to immediately execute the app start event code after an application pool recycles instead of waiting for the first user to request a page from the website. This can be done by configuring a feature of IIS called 'Application Initialization'.

To use Application Initialization, you must first install the feature using the Add Roles/Features wizard in the Server Manager (not Service Manager) console.


To configure Application Initialization, do the following:

  • Open IIS
  • Navigate to Application Pools in the navigation tree on the left
  • Right click on the CiresonPortal application pool and choose Advanced Options
  • Change Start Mode to AlwaysRunning
  • Navigate to the Cireson Portal website on the left navigation tree.
  • Double click 'Configuration Editor' in the center panel bottom row.
  • In the drop-down at the top, select system.webServer/applicationInitialization
  • Change the doAppInitAfterRestart to true
  • Click Apply on the right

Now, when you restart the web site a background process will try to access a page on the site immediately after the application pool is restarted (instead of waiting for the first user to access the page and trigger the cache load application start event). If you wait for a few minutes after a website restart and then access the site you should see that the first page access time is minimal because the cache has already been populated in the background.